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ORACLE 11g Database in AIX 5Lthe following installation confiquration doccumentation

1.Install ORACLE 11G system hardware requirements

Memory minimum 1G
/usr/sbin/lsattr -E -l sys0 -a realmem
The installed ORACLE disk space at least 8G
df –k /Oracle
Temporary directory / tmp at least 150MB
df –k /tmp
The operating system must be 64
/usr/bin/getconf HARDWARE_BITMODE
Swap partition, to set up according to the following standards of physical memory

Between 1024 MB and 2048 MB

Available RAM

Swap Space Required

Between 1024 MB and 2048 MB 1.5 times the size of RAM
Between 2049 MB and 8192 MB Equal to the size of RAM
More than 8192 MB 0.75 times the size of RAM

2 Installing ORACLE 11g software requirements

version of the AIX operating system needs
The following is the operating system requirement for ORACLE Database 11g Release 1:
AIX 5L version 5.3, TL 05, Service Pack 06
AIX 6L version 6.1, TL 00, Service Pack 04 or later
You can use the following command to check the version of the operating system
Oslevel –s
If you did not meet the above requirements, you must upgrade the operating system version.

file set demand
The following operating system filesets are required for ORACLE Database 11g Release 1:
• bos.adt.base
• bos.adt.lib
• bos.adt.libm
• bos.perf.libperfstat
• bos.perf.perfstat
• bos.perf.proctools
• xlC.aix50.rte: or later (AIX 5.3)
• xlC.rte: or later (AIX 5.3)
• xlC.aix61.rte: or later (AIX 6.1)
• xlC.rte: or later (AIX 6.1)
You can use the following command to check whether the set of files to install
lslpp -l bos.adt.base bos.adt.lib bos.adt.libm bos.perf.perfstat
The installation file set command, first need to install a set of files copied to a directory
Smitty install_all

Patch Demand
Authorized Problem Analysis Reports (APARs) for AIX 5L v5.3:
o IY89080
o IY92037
o IY94343
o IZ01060 or efix for IZ01060
o IZ03260, or efix for IZ03260

3 Setting system parameters

Configure Shell Limits Shell Limit (As Shown in smit)

Recommended Value

Soft FILE size -1 (Unlimited)
Soft CPU time -1 (Unlimited)
Note: This is the default value.
Soft DATA segment -1 (Unlimited)
Soft STACK size -1 (Unlimited)
Soft Real Memory size -1 (Unlimited)

Configure System Configuration Parameters
Can use the following command to set the
smit chgsys
Set the maximum number of users as well as the number of processes
To set ncargs parameters, use the following command
/usr/sbin/chdev -l sys0 -a ncargs=128

4 To create a user, create a directory, set the environment variable

The following local operating system groups and users are required if you are installing ORACLE Database:
• The ORACLE Inventory group (oinstall)
• The OSDBA group (dba)
• The ORACLE software owner (Oracle)

the smitty mkgroup – dba and oinstall groups were established
with smitty mkuser – create ORACLE user point dba and oinstall groups

mkdir -p /Oracle/product/11.1.0
chown -R Oracle :o install /Oracle
chmod -R 775 /Oracle

Set the environment variable
Su – Oracle
Vi .profile

Enter the following

export PATH
if [ -s "$MAIL" ] # This is at Shell startup.
In normal then echo “$MAILMSG” # operation, the Shell checks fi # periodically.
ORA_NLS33=$ORACLE_HOME/ocommon/nls/admin/data;export ORA_NLS33
PATH=.:$ORACLE_HOME/bin:/usr/css/bin:$PATH;export PATH
LIBPATH=$ORACLE_HOME/lib:/usr/lib;export LIBPATH
TMPDIR=/tmp;export TMPDIR
umask 022
export PS1
export LANG=en_US

5 Start ORACLE system installation

Copied to the following media the aix server / soft directory, unpack the media to install
aix.ppc64_11gR1_database_1013_1of2.zip aix.ppc64_11gR1_database_1013_2of2.zip
First-extracting archive tool unzip_aix.Z, output file name unzip_aix
uncompress unzip_aix.Z

Copy unzip_aix to / usr / bin directory
cd /use/bin
chmod 751 unzip_aix
unzip_aix aix.ppc64_11gR1_database_1013_1of2.zip
unzip_aix aix.ppc64_11gR1_database_1013_1of2.zip
unzip_aix rootpre_aix.zip
First to root user run rootpre.sh script, open the AIO
root Users to run xhost +
su – Oracle
Test graphical interface normal startup, normal start, began to install the following
ORACLE The database
cd /soft/database
Note that this interface is to check the hardware and software requirements, and if it does not match, the installation stops