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AIX 7 Administration

IBM 000-221 Exam Question and Answer


What is the difference between deferred and concurrent firmware updates?

A. Deferred firmware can be applied concurrently but contains updates that affect the internal program load path, which are not activated until the next time the server is shut down and restarted.
B. Concurrent firmware must be done on all LPARs in the frame at the same time. Deferred firmware can be loaded on each LPAR at a different time and only becomes active when the LPAR is shutdown and restarted.
C. Deferred firmware can only be applied during an outage to the managed system as it will automatically shut the managed system down during its installation.
D Concurrent firmware is only for minor fixes to the system mircocode while deferred firmware contains major fixes to the service processor


A host has a single virtual Ethernet adapter (ent0) configured with only a default PVID, and the administrator is trying to determine why it cannot be used to reach any other system on the network. He suspects that it may be caused by a problem in the VLAN configuration.
How would the administrator determine the VLAN for which the adapter was configured?

A. Use the command ‘Isdev -I ent0′ on the host to determine the port VLAN ID.
B. Use the command ‘Isattr-EI ent0′ on the host to determine the port VLAN ID.
C. Look on the HMC to determine which VLAN is configured for the adapter.
D Examine the Shared Ethernet Adapter on the Virtual I/O Server to determine which VLAN the adapter is using.


How can an administrator disable Role Based Access Control (RBAC) in a WPAR?

A. Run chattr -E -I sys0 -a enhanced_RBAC=false
Reboot the WPAR
B. Run the RBAC wizard and deselect ‘Enable RBAC
Reboot the system
C. Run chdev -I mywpar -a enhanced_RBAC=false
Reboot the Global Environment
D Run chwpar -a RBAC=false
Reboot the WPAR


After performing a NIM rte install, the administrator noticed that not all filesets are at the correct Technology Level (TL). What action will help the administrator determine why the inconsistent fileset levels were installed?

A. On the NIM server, run an Ippchk to identify if the Software Vital Product Data is valid.
B. On the NIM client, run oslevel command against the TL to identify missing prerequisites.
C. Run instfix command on NIM client to determine what filesets are inconsistent.
D On the NIM server run the NIM IsIpp command to indentify downlevel filesets contained in the lpp_source.


What is a requirement for Live Partition Mobility?

A. The network and disk must be virtual.
B. The disk must be virtual and a Logical Host Ethernet Adapter (LHEA) for network.
C. The client partition must be connected to a SAN.
D The client partition must be set up as a ‘Mover Service Partition’.


Which technology provides the maximum amount of usable storage and resilience for a system with 6 physical volumes?



An LPAR is configured with strict logical volume mirroring across two disks for resilience. The administrator would like to ensure if one disk fails the volume group stays online. Which command will ensure that the datavg volume group stays online?

A. varyonvg -n datavg
B. mirrorvg-Q-c 2 datavg
C. mklvcopy -e m -s y (each logical volume name) 2
D chvg -Qn datavg


New change control procedures dictate that system maintenance windows be shown to each user after logging into the system using ssh or telnet. Updating which file or files will accomplish this task?

A. The message of the day file
B. The user default attributes file
C. User and admin system alert files
D The var daily message files


What option will boot an LPAR directly from DVD media, without any user interaction required, when starting the LPAR from the Hardware Management Console (HMC)?

A. Normal
B. Diagnostic with default boot list
C. System management services
D Open firmware OK prompt


An administrator needs to list/query the security attributes for the WPAR syswpar1. Which command will do this?

A. Issecattr-W syswpar1
B. Issecconf-w syswpar1
C. Isattr-s syswpar1
D Iswpar-S syswpar1


AIX has been installed on an LPAR with 32 GB of memory. What should be checked first, before increasing the paging space beyond the default 512MB?

A. The maximum memory attribute in the LPAR profile
B. Quantity and size of hosted filesystems
C. Disk device distribution and utilization.
D Paging requirements of applications that will be hosted.


Which of the following is an AIX 7 Cluster Aware feature?

A. Cluster application load balancing
B. Cluster shared volume groups on the shared disk
C. Cluster IP addresses on the shared resource
D Cluster configurations on the cluster repository disk


Which TWO groups of actions will create a CDROM file system for device cd0 and mount this on /cdfs? (Select 2)

A. cdutil-s-kcd0/cdfs
mount /cdfs
B. Define cd0 mount point as /cdfs in file /etc/cdromd.conf startsrc -s cdromd
cdmount cd0
C. Define cd0 mount point as /cdfs in /etc/filesystems as vfs type jfs2 mount /cdfs
D crfs-vcdrfs-pro-d’cd0′-mVcdfs’
mount /cdfs
E mkfs-v/cdfs/dev/cd0
mount /cdfs


How can an administrator enable the Workload Partitions Manager feature after AIX 7 has been installed with the default options?

A. Change AIX License using chlicense -I command
B. Change AIX edition using chedition -e command
C. Change WPAR License using chwpar -I command
D Change WPAR edition using chwpar-e command


The cfgmgr command appears to be taking an excessive time to complete. The administrator was able to quit the command and return to the command prompt. The administrator does not have access to the managing HMC and unable to check for any LED codes. How else can the cause of the observed delay be determined?

A. Review the latest entry within /var/log/cfgdb.out
B. Start the syslog daemon before re-issuing the command
C. Re-issue the command with the W flag.
D Initiate the ledmon command from a separate session, then re-issue cfgmgr


Which AIX command will display the virtual SCSI slot number that is the parent of hdisk0?

A. Isdev
B. sIsdev
C. Isattr
D Ismap


An administrator plans to duplicate the active rootvg on a given system to a spare disk that will be migrated to newer hardware. Which flag on ‘alt_disk_copy’ must be used to reset user-defined device configurations to defaults?

A. X
B. R
C. O


Before changing virtual memory settings, how can an administrator check the valid range of values for a tuning parameter?

A. Iscfg-T
B. Isattr-R
C. vmtune-l
D vmo-L


What are key considerations when planning for Live Application Mobility?

A. The WPAR is an Application WPAR and both global environments are at the same AIX level
B. That the WPAR is checkpointable and both global environments are on the same subnet
C. The NFS services are running and applications are stopped
D The NFS services are running and there is an HMC attached to both managed systems


What action does the following command perform for a new AIX hdisk, hdisk1 ?

chdev -I hdisk1 -a pv=yes

A. Makes the disk available for use
B. Changes the existing pvid on the disk to Yes’
C. Sets the physical volume identifier
D Clears volume group locks
E Resets the volume group descriptor area


A physical LPAR has a failed Fibre Channel adapter, which was providing redundant SAN access. What is a prerequisite for using the Replace/Remove task of the PCI Hot Plug Manager?

A. Verify HMC RMC connectivity.
B. Unconfigure the adapter and child devices.
C. Make sure a spare adapter slot is available.
D Provide additional SAN cabling.


On AIX 7, which command will list a summary of the issues detected by Electronic Service Agent?

A. esacli errpt
B. esacli problem
C. esacli status
D esacli activity


An administrator needs to limit the size of the filesystem cache. Which tuning parameters need to be adjusted?

A. minfree and maxfree
B. minperm and maxperm
C. minfreemem and maxfreemem
D minpgahead and maxpgahead
E sb_min and sb_max


An administrator notices that the ntp group subsystem is not starting up at boot time. What will cause this issue?

A. The /etc/ntp.conf file has the following line commented out broadcastserver
B. The following line is commented outinthe/etc/inetd.conf file:
ntp 123/tcp # Network Time Protocol
C. The following line is commented out of the /etc/inittab file:
xntpd: 23456789: respawn:/usr/sbin/xntpd > /dev/console 2>&1 #Start ntp daemon
D The /etc/rc.tcpip file has the following line commented out
start /usr/sbin/xntpd “$src_running”


An administrator is required to implement resource control for a running system WPAR called “skippy’. Which flag of the chwpar command will set the CPU Resource control limits for this WPAR to a minimum of 8%. A desired of 35% and a maximum of 45%?

A. chwpar -c CPU=8%-35%,45% skippy
B. chwpar-R CPU=8%-35%,45% skippy
C. chwpar-L CPU=8%-35%,45% skippy
D chwpar-r PROC=8%-35%,45% skippy


Name resolution is not working on a given LPAR. Considering the observed behavior and configuration of/etc/resolv.conf, what is the most likely resolution?

A. Correct the definition of nameserver1.
B. Remove the domain line.
C. Verify the syntax in /etc/nelsvc.conf.
D Move the search definition to the beginning of the file


Which configuration will provide an LPAR maximum network resilience and performance with two Ethernet adapters?

A. Configure both Ethernet adapters as IEEE 802.3ad link Aggregated with src_dst_port mode
B. Configure EtherChannel using Internet Protocol over InfiniBand (IPoIB) with 64K TCP/IP MTU 64K Superpacket
C. Configure EtherChannel with one Ethernet adapter as primary adapter & one as backup with hash mode roundrobin
D Configure both adapters with Quality of Server (QoS) adapters and configure virtual IP address on interface


What is required for a volume group to be eligible for automatic Geographic Logical Volume Mirroring (GLVM) mirroring?

A. The volume group must be created as a Scalable Volume Group.
B. The volume group must be managed by Cluster Aware AIX.
C. The volume group must be concurrent capable.
D The volume group has at least two LVM mirror pools defined.


Within a Perl script, how can the output of the hostname command be assigned to a variable called myHostname?

A. chopfmyHostname-’hostname -s 2>/dev/null”)
B. chop($myHostname=%hostname -s 2>/dev/nuir);
C. $myHostname=7usr/bin/hostname”.
D chomp(@myHostname-hostname -s 2>/dev/null’);


A system dump has been initiated on an LPAR and LED code “0c1″ is displayed, indicating an I/O error. Where can the administrator find out more about this error?

A. The HMC Service Guide
B. The AIX Version 7.1 Commands Reference
C. HMC Event Log
D IBM’s Fix Central under Power Systems LED support page


Given the following characteristics, tuning which resource will provide the greatest benefit?
CPU=80% busy
Physical Memory=90% used
Disks=80% busy
Network=80% used

A. Memory
B. Network
C. Disks
D Filesystems


The system administrator ran the following command to backup his image repository, but nothing was backed
up to the file. Why?
find /media -print | backup -I-f-p /dev/rmt0

A. The block size was not specified.
B. The files in the directory are larger than 2GB.
C. The files in the directory are larger than 2GB.
D The tape was not formatted.


An administrator created logical volume fs01l to contain a JFS2 file system. When trying to create the filesystem the crfs command gives an error. Given the following logical volume definition, which action will correct the error?