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Software :-  Software is the collection of file set.

 Fileset  :-A Fileset  includes all files that contains the complete product or seperatly installable part of product for eg. bos.INet, bos.adt.lib, bos.adt.prof it is acomplete product and bos.net.nfs.client is seperatly installable part of bos.net.nfs.server.

Package:- A Package is a group of separately installable Fileset s that provide a set of related functions. For eg, bos.adt, bos.INet is a Package.

Licensed Program Products (LPP):-It is a is a complete Software product including all Packages associated with that licensed program. For eg., BOS is a licensed program.


Bundles:-A bundle is a list of Software that can contain Fileset s, Packages, and LPPs.Bundles that are usedby default for the system are stored in /usr/sys/inst.data/sys_BundlesBundles that are user-created are stored in/usr/sys/inst.data/user_Bundles.

System Defined Bundle :

Server Bundle → A collection of Software Packages for machines running in a multiuser stand-alone or networked environment. This is used for disk utilization.

Graphics Bundle → A collection of Software Packages that provides support of graphical environments.

Note:-  Graphical support may be automatically installed on some systems during BOS installation.

Migration Bundle→ This bundle is created when there was not enough disk space available to complete a migration installation during the BOS installation process. It is a collectio of S/W Packages that need to be installed for migration installation. You can install the migration bundle using.

 # smit update_all

 PTFs and APARs:

  • PTF ( Program Temporary Fix). It is a new file set or updated file to fix system problem.It is installed by using installpcommand.
  • APAR ( Authorized Program Analysis Report ).It is an emergency fix, or interim fix (serving during an intermediate interval of time). APARs will eventually become PTFs after testing and verification. It uses instfix command.
  • PTF and APAR will get install at IBM website’s Fix Center.
  • Fix can also be downloaded fron internet. But if you are installing the from IBM below given image brief the procees of getting fix to fix center.

Note: Displaying and updating installed Software to the latest level.


Fileset  revision level identification:

Fileset  level is refer to as level or v.r.m.f or v.r.m.f or VRMF (Version .Release.Modification.FixLevel )

Version  one to two digit number which defines Version  number.