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NTP(Network Time Protocal)

Network Time Protocol can be used to synchronise the time on computers across a network. A NTP time server is used to obtain the correct time from a time source and adjust the local time in each connecting computer.

NTPv3 and NTPv4 binaries coexist on AIX.

Important: By default, AIX points to NTP version 3 binaries.

Configure NTP server on AIX :

1.Verify that you have a suitable NTP server.

#lssrc -ls xNTPd

Note : sys peer should show a valid server or
If the server is “insane”, you should need to correct it by adding a server line into /etc/NTP.conf and restarting xNTPd.

Following these steps

#vi /etc/NTP.conf

Add server :


Double check that “>broadcastclient” is commented.

#stopsrc -s xNTPd
#startsrc -s xNTPd

Note : If the server runs databases, use the -x flag to prevent the clock from changing in a negative direction.

Enter the following:

#startsrc -s xNTPd -a “-x”


#lssrc -ls xNTPd

to verify that the server is synched. This process can take upto 12 minutes.

Configure NTP client on AIX :

1. Verify that you have a server suitable for synchronization, Enter:

#NTPdate -d ip.address.of.server

The offset must be less than 1000 seconds for xNTPd to synch. If the offset is greater than 1000 seconds, change the time manually on the client and run NTPdate -d again.
If you get the message ,” no server suitable for synchronization found”, verify xNTPd is running on the server (see above )and that no firewalls are blocking port 123.

2.Specify your xNTPd server in /etc/ntop.conf, Enter

#vi /etc/NTP.conf

comment “broadcastclient” line and add

server ip.address.of.server prefer

leave the driftfile and tracefile at their defaults.

3.start the xNTPd daemon,

#startsrc -s xNTPd

( use the -x flag if it is appropriate in your environment.)

4. Uncomment xNTPd from /etc/rc.tcpip so it will start on reboot.

#vi /etc/rc.tcpip

Unconmment the following line

start /usr/sbin/xNTPd “$src-running”

If using the -x flag, add “-x” to the end oof the line. you must include the qoutes around “-x”

5. verify that the client is synched.

#lssrsc -ls xNTPd

Note: sys peer should display the IP Adress or name of your xNTPd server.This process may take 12 minutes.


1. NTPdc4:

Starts the query or control program for the Network Time Protocol (NTP) daemon, NTPd.


  1. To start the query/control program for the Network Time Protocol daemon, enter:


2. NTPq4 Daemon

Starts the standard Network Time Protocol (NTP) query program.


  1. To start the Network Time Protocol query program in interactive mode, enter

NTPq -i

3. NTPdate4 Command

Sets the date and time using the Network Time Protocol (NTP).


  1. To set the local date and time by polling the NTP servers at address, enter: