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1. IBM-TSM  - 1 Month

Session 1: Introduction To Tivoli Storage Manager

Session 2:  Managing Storage Pools And Storage Pool Volumes

Session 3:  Install And Configure Tape Library Attached To The Ibm Tivoli Storage Manager Server

Session 4:  Scheduler

Session 5:  Client Configuration

Session 6:  Database & Recovery Log

Session 7:  Backup-Archive Client Functions

Session 8:  Monitoring And Logging Events

Session 9:  Enabling Client Events For The Storage Manager Console

Session 10:Policy Management

Session 11: Backing Up The Database

Session 12: Privilege Classes

2. IBM-SAN  - 1 Month

Session 1: Introduction To Disk Storage Entry, Midrange, Enterprises

Session 2: Raid

Session 3: Logical

Session 4: Host

Session 5: Hardware

Session 6: San

Session 7:  Miscellaneous Concepts



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